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Sickle Cell Awareness Event 10 JULY 2021

The time has finally come where you all get the opportunity to see the final production of SCAP. Saturday 10/07/2021 SCAP will be showcased from 2:00 to 4.00 pm at 75 Derby Road Forest gate E7 8NH.

Join us on Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 974 942 2936
Passcode: nx9kbz

I call upon individuals who have a story to share about sickle cell to please come forward so your voices can be heard. Awareness has been made but sickle cell is still here with all voices heard we all can then make a difference.

The aim of SCAP is to educate as many people as possible about sickle cell anaemia. To create a more supportive environment in the healthcare service, workplaces and the education system for people with sickle cell anaemia.

Your feedback will be appreciated please send on enquiries

If you would like to take part in this Drama Performance, please complete the volunteering application form